With the blow-blow b-series, WALTEC consequently follows its strategy to replace pneumatic drives as well as conventional three-phase motors with servo drive technology

Welcome to WALTEC, welcome to innovative solutions for the glass industry!

Linear feeder, servo driven shear (linear or angle) and gob delivery system are manufactured with the well-known WALTEC technology. The sturdy and precise running main drive of the machine allows the feeding of the working table with a perfect synchronized motion. The gearless direct driven transfer arm follows the rotation of the working table without any mechanical support.

Prepressing is realized by a servo rack and pinion. Independent servo drives for working table- and bottom-rotation and servo drive for the bottom stroke permit easily adjustable twisted optics and decorated bottom designs. Hereby, we achieve the best repeatability and a stable process for start-up, job change and production.

Central lubrication as well as oil circulating lubrication for gears and bearings are WALTEC standard. They guarantee longest production cycles without any maintenance.

Due to the modular design the section-change can be performed within the shortest possible time.

According to the control-systems for our press-and-blow lines and spinning lines, we have minimized the electrical components on top of the machine. A slipring transfers the power. For the highest reliability, the control signals are transferred redundant via Ethernet and industrial wireless LAN.

With the blow-blow machine, WALTEC has developed and built an user-optimized machine, according to the requirements of the glass manufacturers. In combination with the WALTEC stem press, a production line of the latest state of the art for manufacturing highest quality tumblers and stem ware is available

tailor-made SOLUTIONS –


number of sections:

20 up to 32

machine speed:

up to 60 cycles per minute


40 up to 145 mm

glass height:

max. 350 mm with moil

glass type:


available options

  • servo bottom rotation
  • servo bottom stroke 450 mm
  • 3-parted working tables
  • electrical mould heating
  • burner tracking system
  • rotating unloader

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