Servo-shears systems

WALTEC offers a wide range of shears systems for all applications, capacity ranges and individual customer requirements. WALTEC-shears are exactly adjustable with the orifice ring of the feeder via horizontal X/Y adjusting slides and have, as a basic precondition for a good cutting quality, an excellent rigidity.

Due to the utilisation of servo-motors, the cutting speed of the shears is independent from the cutting frequency of the feeder and can be adjusted optimally with regard to the individual requirements. Minimum glass contact times and excellent repetition accuracy are achieved.

Independent servo-drives for conventional shears mechanics 144-, 81- and 565 can be supplied as stand-alone control and in connection with feeder controls.

Servo-parallel shears with independent servo-drive for each shear arm
Servo-arm shears in heavy design for gob weights of up to 15,000 g
Servo-arm shears of medium design for gob weights of up to 2,000 g
Servo-arm shears in light design