WALTEC is a strategic supplier and partner to the glassware industry

We are the leading manufacturer of fully automated and electronically controlled production lines and this from feeder up to annealing lehr. Over time we have been successfully migrating our state of the art pressing, blowing, spinning, handling and fire polishing solutions into more than 250 manufacturing locations around the globe.

We are creators of innovative glass manufacturing technology, we design sustainable production processes and we build cost effective production lines and components targeting the optimization of your Hot End process. 

Transforming Hot End operations through improved resource efficiency and reduced energy consumption is our key challenge. Our team of experts is there to help you to make this happen.

Let us take your business to the next level and build together manufacturing processes contributing to a better industry footprint.

Welcome to the WALTEC community, innovative solutions for the glass industry!

WALTEC values — reliable by tradition

At WALTEC we practice the highest standards of health and safety and migrate this into our produces and services. We recognize fully our responsibility towards our employees and society. We act accordingly. We believe that good and long term relationships do make the difference, we treat each other and all our business partners with respect and care.

Our company offers continuous learning and improvement, ongoing apprenticeship and continuous education is part of our company philosophy. We offer young people the chance to develop and improve themselves through an integrated, practical on the job trainings concept. 

We believe that only motivated and skilled employees are capable of delivering “TOP” performance to our customers. Our decisions are guided by the principle that we should empower our people so that they can transfer our world class technology knowledge into solutions that help our friends in the glass industry to cope with today’s complex challenges.

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Britta Höfer

We feel responsible for our products, our people, the ongoing and exciting innovation path, our nature and your process and success!

Our family tradition and heritage safeguards these values across the globe and that’s why we are proudly saying; “reliable by tradition”.

Partner of the Glass Industry

Development, Design and Software

The requirements of our customers from the glass industry are the focal point of our innovations. In this way, individually manufactured machines and lines are designed, always in coordination with the respective customer requirements. Therefore, every customer order is defined as a project, and a respective team of highly qualified and experienced WALTEC-specialists is put together.

A highly productive machine for glass manufacture and glass refining can only be manufactured with the aid of the latest EDP technologies. Therefore, the development and design of the WALTEC machines is exclusively carried out on the latest CAD/CAM networks. The development of the SPS controls is carried out by our own system electronics specialists. They program the individual manufacturing processes of our customers.

Quality through self-manufacture

We can manufacture the required machines and lines in our own workshop with our modern machinery, most modern manufacturing technology and experienced employees. Qualified WALTEC specialists also take over the manufacture of control cabinets. Coordination problems with third parties as a source of faults can be avoided as a result. This ensures a reliably high quality standard for our products and services


Our engineers and fitters install the production line at the desired customer location, and commission it together with the customer to ensure a start-up of the supplied machines and lines as quickly and trouble-free as possible. Experienced WALTEC employees not only ensure a trouble-free production start of the machine or plant, but also take care of training the customer’s employees so that the supplied WALTEC plant can be operated quickly and professionally by the customer.

The benefit for the customer is obvious: The full production capacity of the new line will thus be reached as quickly as possible.


Often, a further potential for increase of productivity or cost saving exists after commissioning or during the operation phase. Our aftersales service helps with solving problems of all kinds and provides direct contact with the required contact person. If necessary, a respective remote diagnosis can be carried out via an installed modem connection.

Our spare parts service is available at any time to supply and assemble the required spare parts as quickly as possible. Unnecessary standstill times can be avoided, and the series production of the customer is ensured. Of course, we also provide our customers with the conversion or replacement of existing assemblies with innovative components for productivity increase and increase of product quality within the scope of modernisation measures. Furthermore, we modernise the Siemens SPS controls and update the software.

We carry out consistent further development of our high-performance machines in continuous dialogue with our customers — with one goal: To further increase the satisfaction and benefit of our customers!

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    International Representatives

    Internationality is our maxim, support without limit for highest requirements is our motto. As a global player, our machines and services are available world-wide. Therefore, it is important to us that our customers have a personal contact in their vicinity.

    Please contact us, so that we can provide your personal contact in your vicinity.


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