Toughening / Tempering lines

for tableware made of soda-lime, borosilicate and opal glass

The WALTEC system fundamentally differs from the conventional lines, which are available on the market at the moment. The core is a new heating system based on Infrared emission. Contrary to the currently known techniques the thermal energy is not absorbed on the surface of the glass but in the volume.

With the help of a suitable furnace material, which optimally reflects the Infrared radiation, Waltec creates multiple radiation and thus achieves a very good energy efficiency.

The advantages are:

  • extremely high heating-up rates of up to 2000 K/min
  • extreme energy density of up to 1 MW/m2
  • virtually no thermal stress during heating-up
  • low space requirement

The actual toughening, which is the blowing with air, is realised as follows:

  • for deep products, such as drinking glasses, stemware and others:
    from inside and outside with nozzles, which were especially designed in the finite elements method
  • for flat products, such as plates and others:
    parallel from above and below

WALTEC achieves thermal shock resistance of up to 200 K and increases in strength by more than factor 2 in comparison with a non-tempered product.

Due to the possibility of setting the process parameters in each step of the process in a reproducible manner, WALTEC can also essentially increase the thermal shock resistance and the strength of stemware with a wall thickness of about 1.5 mm.