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Far more precise and repeatable servo movements will result in higher efficiencies, too. At the same time servo technology improves operator health and safety through the reduction of in-air oil pollution and residues during operation. The game-changing ESERVO performance components are only consuming power when needed and through this generating substantial savings in energy and compressed air.

Discover the most sustainable and efficient solutions for your hot end press process. We are building production lines, machines, components and intelligent data processing software to make this happen. How can we help you? Your needs are our challenge – let´s get connected and replace your inefficient conventional hydraulics and old energy intensive pneumatics.



Start saving money now and boost the output of your press process up to 20%, save energy up to 80%, reduce compressed air up 130 m³/h and improve your efficiency into a new dimension!

We developed a new range of Industry 4.0 compatible ESERVO performance components with the intention of upgrading your press lines whilst improving their cost-sustainabililty footprint, extending their life-cycle and so saving on capex.

ESERVO performance components from WALTEC are compatible with almost all in-market press lines, inclusive those from other press suppliers. ESERVO performance components can be used to upgrade your existing press line.


  • Less energy consumption:
    save up to 85% energy costs compared to conventional hydraulics
  • Lower emissions (operator health) and less danger (fire):
    no oil needed and higher safety as zero oil inside
  • Heavy duty performance:
    pressing force up to 20 tons
  • Extended lifetime:
    including proprietary technology


  • Speed up press cycles:
    save up to 100 ms valuable cycle time
  • Less compressed air:
    save up 80 m³/h
  • Extended mold lifetime:
    controlled and smooth movement  


  • Less energy consumption:
    save up to 10 m³/h compressed air
  • Improved glass surface quality:
    variable speed control and soft touch function
  • Less maintenance needed:
    due to contemporary machine design


  • Up to 80% lower energy consumption:
    powered only when pressing force is needed
  • Improved sustainability:
    save up to 970 litres of oil compared to conventional hydraulics
  • Higher and variable production speed:
    benefit from more valuable process cycle time


  • High torques:
    up to 70.000 Nm
  • Short table indexing times:
    up to 0,25 seconds
  • Smooth movement:
    free from backlash and jolt
  • Online drive supervision and
    low maintenance

The ESERVO pressing cylinder contains our latest proprietary technology inside and has a proven performance track record.

  • Saves up to 85% energy costs
  • Heavy duty and direct performance gear system eliminating weak ball spindle
  • Less maintenance and no hydraulic oil changes
  • Superior process repeatability and accuracy
  • Stepless and smooth adjustable 20 tons pressing force
  • No emission hazard (fire), as only little oil is used
  • Lifetime substantially longer compared to hydraulic cylinders

Still running on conventional technology? Now it is time to take the next step! Let us talk about a up-to-date system, perfectly integrated into you existing machine environment. Feel free to contact us!

Conventional mold closing and locking is empowered by a pneumatic driven cylinder in which both movement and force are not controlable. High compressed air consumption, extensive wear and tear of mold-edges, oil vapor pollution and limited cycle speed form the downsides of this older technology. Our new generation main closer is driven by a strong and energie efficient servo motor in combination with a connecting rod generating following benefits:

  • Extension of lifetime through controlled and smooth movement during the mold closing and locking.
  • Saving up to 80 m³/h of compressed air based on standardized 5 bar operating pressure and double gob system
  • Closing speed up to 0,1 sec driving higher production speeds
  • Superior process repeatability and accuracy

Still running on conventional mold lock? Let us talk about a up-to-date system, perfectly integrated into you existing machine configuration. Feel free to contact us!

Conventional pushers are driven by a pneumatic cylinder with a horizontal and vertical stroke. A lot of compressed air is consumed and movements are not controlable.

The ESERVO pusher from WALTEC operates using two servo motors, each one being independently responsible for either horizontal or vertical movement:

  • Saving up to 10 m³/h compressed air
  • All movements 100% controllable when pushing product into annealing lehr
  • Superior repeatability and accuracy
  • Less glass scratches and damaged products due to seamless and smooth touching
  • Less maintenance needed due to absence of pneumatic valves

Still pushing with a conventional system? Let us talk about a up-to-date solution, perfectly integrated into you existing line configuration. Feel free to contact us!

Conventional pressing cylinders operate based on traditional hydraulics running at a constant speed and in a constant sense of rotation. This older technology needs a lot of energy throughout the whole year. The whole system requires expensive continuous maintenance, oil filtering and care. Due to it’s design, the three-phase motor delivers full performance all the time, although this would only be necessary during pressing. Valve indexing times and limited dynamics reduce the available process times and thus the production speed.

WALTEC innovated this process with great success: the first servo hydraulic press cylinder features outstanding benefits:

  • 80% less electrical energy consumption
  • 20% higher output
  • Only 30 litres of hydraulic oil are needed
  • Achieve higher production speed (cut per minute) whilst getting extended pressing time

Still running on conventional hydraulics? Time to re-calculate your operating costs — Start to benefit from less energy consumption and achive a higher output. We are at your side! 

For 12 years WALTEC has been using gearless, electric direct drives for the manufacture of glass machines with much success.

Due to this reason we have used the direct drive as standard table drive for all high-performance press machines since 2010.

The special design developed by WALTEC (among other things the segmented coils) offers an extremely high operating reliability.

WALTEC manufactures these direct drives, as one of their core competences, in-house.

  • High torques up to 70.000 Nm
  • Table indexing times up to 0,25 seconds
  • Smooth movement: free from backlash and jolt
  • Online drive supervision and low maintenance

Start to benefit from less energy consumption and achive a higher output. We are at your side!  Connect with us!

The information in this document contains general and technical capabilities of this technology. Savings and other performance values reflect estimates according to our own best knowledge. These represent an average of single and double gob configurations operating in medium gob size settings. Compressed air savings are calculated based on 5 bar working pressure. Therfore the required performance characteristics need to be specified individually at the time of contract. WALTEC reserves the right to make technical modifications at any point in time and adjust it’s information accordingly without prior notice. Our employees are gladly at your disposal for individual consultation.



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