High speed triple gob flex production line for tableware

with high-power fire polishing machine and gas/oxygen tracking burner system

The highlight is our “flex press”. This enables a flexible production either in single gob operation or double gob operation with and without split moulds or in triple gob operation with block moulds.

This flexibility is possible due to the WALTEC linear feeder, that has one feeder mechanism for every single orifice ring. In triple gob operation all three feeders work. In double gob operation, the left and right feeders work and the middle one is in its highest position and also the spout in the mid is closed.

In single gob operation it is reverse – only the middle feeder works and the left and right ones are in their highest position.

This production line is predestined for medium and large lot sizes up to a speed of 150 pcs. /min.

The configuration reduces the investment costs. Instead of two lines and two forehearths, one forehearth and one production line are sufficient.